Thursday, July 21, 2011

Revolving Refrigerator

Have you ever noticed that the fridges in most homes with work from home parents in them is like a revolving door. My work space is currently my kitchen table and I never noticed how often that door swings open and closed in a day until recently. It is far too easy to simply go to the fridge and pull something out for everyone in the house. My 2 year old has even gotten in on the act when he says "juice" and proceeds to the fridge opening the door and removing the container of juice. I'm usually so busy rushing to make sure it doesn't end up on the floor that it never occurred to me how easy that was for him to do and how often we all do it throughout the day as we spend most of it together.

Taking into account how much time we spend in the house I suppose it is not unreasonable to assume we would be in out and of the big box frequently throughout the day. I wonder if this has an impact however on how much we eat. Are we going to it because it is there and easy to access? I also wonder if perhaps it isn't time for a new fridge, one with a bit of a better efficiency on my power bill. Thanks to some great new refrigerators you can actually open just the section that you need and not the entire fridge. This is great in our house and would probably save me a ton of money. The things you learn when you work from home.

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