Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life in a Revolution without Technology. Where would your children be???

I'm going to talk about something I rarely bring into my writing but, is always on my mind. I have recently fallen into a television series called Revolution. While the thoughts of this series, being life without power and technology, are something nobody wants to think about, I have long embraced the thought. Whether this makes me crazy or prepared I don't even venture to think, but frankly there are times when I wonder if we (our children) wouldn't have a better grounding in life if this was the circumstance. Yes, I know this make me seem perhaps a little nuts, I see a great advantage to children who don't EXPECT everything to be handed to them and those who have a sense of discovery and survival and frankly, an appreciation for what they have. What would your children be able to handle if you were not there and they had to face life without technology??

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