Friday, April 9, 2010

Freelance What?

Alright, so I admit, this unplanned change in direction in my life has been a bit confusing.  I am thirty something and was pretty sure I knew what I would be doing for a living for some time to come.  Then it happened.  I lost my job and suddenly I wanted something else.  Who Knew!?  Well, I suppose if I am honest about it, I knew.

I have decided to take the opportunity put in front of me to take a little change in direction.  The basics are simple, provide for my family.  Seems easy right?  Does this mean I have to do things that don't make me happy to get there?  Yes, paralegal work once made me happy to some degree.  I loved the challenge.  However, I have decided with the paying of bills, the dealing with events beyond our control and the general trying to get through the days with our senses intact, my challenge is keeping my home together.

That having been said, you have all noticed some changes.  I have taken on writing again, something that makes me very happy.  I also love to illustrate so I have put myself out there for that.  While I have faith that all of these things will make me happy and in turn my family, I must be realistic.  I need something that moves me physically and mentally and can supply the income I need for my family.  Nursing seems to be the way to go.  So, while I am writing and illustrating and watching over our children I intend to go back to school, again. 

The point of this rant is to let everyone know how imporant I feel doing what you love is.  Can you make a career change at thirty something??  Why not?  Find what you love and make a plan to make it a part of your life.

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