Monday, April 5, 2010


Let's discuss LEGOs.  I have come to the conclusion that they are something that should be parent proofed.  While opening a bottle of aspirin could be a danger to a child, trying to maneuver around LEGOs seems to have the same fate for parents. 

Poor unsuspecting parents, thinking all the LEGOs have been tucked into bed for the night, creep around the room that transforms itself by day into a holding space for erratic toys and by night the supposed living room.  Barefoot or sock foot it matters not. 

Around the corner you go and BAMM!!  The pain pierces through the foot up through the ankle and right into the heart.  Where did it come from?  It wasn't there before you are very sure.  Do they hide beneath the furniture waiting for the opportunity to strike!?

A toy that bring so much joy even to the young should come with a case that has lock and key to ensure that it remains safely tucked away from the parents.  There should be a warning label, much like "Do Not Feed After Midnight", but instead saying "Keep Away From Parents" or "Caution:  Will Bite". 

Have you ever noticed how a box of 50 LEGOs can seem like 100 in no time!!  Do they multiply!?  And if they do, why are we always buying MORE of them?!

And then there is the JUMBO LEGO, which incidentally, is intended for YOUNG children and yet can be a massive health hazard for adults.  You would think their size and bright colors would make them obvious as you stroll through the play area unknowingly. 

Makes you wonder how fictional Toy Story really is?!

LEGOs, a danger to parents EVERYWHERE and yet a must have part of childhood.

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