Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Journey Continues

So here we are well into our fifth month of being at home together and I am still learning how to manage meeting my children's needs during the day while following my own course.  I am having trouble finding the balance between my writing being productive and my home life being productive.  I have moved into a new phase of this successive process though.  I seem to be savoring all of the little moments such as my son dancing and clapping to music that he hears.  Something I am lucky enough to be with him for.  I have been privileged to see him blow kisses for the first time to his sister when she heads to school and watched him make car noises as he moves a toy car on the floor, something I didn't realize he knew how to do.  I had the chance to be completely in amazement when he figured out, AND REMINDED ME, that the dog's collar was supposed to be removed when he was let back in the house.  The most recent moment of great job I was party to was my son participating in giving a "high five" upon completing a task.

These moments are things I would not be privileged enough to experience if it was not for my recent upset in my career. 

That having been said, I am still in great need of figuring out how to balance getting anything in the freelance writing world accomplished worth doing as well as being able to figure out a way to go back to school.  The longer I put off starting classes for nursing, the less likely the change will be. 

So Readers, if any of you have any terrific ideas for organizing my writing so that I am able to do those assignments that pay best while still being able to help my daughter learn to deal with and work with her ADD and my son grow and socialize, please feel free to chime in.

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