Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day Eighteen - Big Plans

Day Eighteen was long and taxing with not as much productivity as I would have liked. Along with dealing with a few unavoidable appointments tomorrow, there are several things I will be accomplishing from the day.

1.  Earn at least $100 for the day.
2.  Write the text for my children's book.
3.  Start a sketch that includes all of the characters for the book.
4.  Update my comprehensive list of writing hubs and their related information.
5.  Update profiles on the many writing hubs that I am already affiliated with.
6.  Compile a list of potential writing hubs I want to sign on with or investigate.
7.  Create a list of all print opportunities and magazines I would like to send samples to.

These are all of the work related goals I have for tomorrow. There are some other goals relating to learning patience with my children and organizing my weeks a little better.

All in all, there is a great deal to do and not much day to accomplish it in. I guess I better get some sleep.  

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