Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day Fifteen - Acceptance

So, today started out the same as usual, me wanting to accomplish a large list of things to move forward and make money. But it also started with a throbbing pain in my hand that threatened to make it hard to make my milestones. So what did I do, showered of course. Clearing the cobwebs was essential. The things I accomplished today began by taking on a writing assignment that was a mental roadblock for me. One of those things that you just simply can't move past. Well, I moved past it. Yay for me!

The next thing that I tackled was the mess that surrounds me everyday and derails my focus. I sit at a dining room table and have to relocate everything at dinner time every night and replace it all in the morning. while this is acceptable it can also be a little daunting. So, I cleared out things that didn't need to be here to simplify my world just a little.

I then tackled trying to get my couponing binder in some kind of order, if only to remove all of the dead material, print new dividers and an index and start to print some coupons I will be needing next week. Unfortunately, the new printer I finally gave in and bought a few weeks ago (I love it) ran out of ink. Another moment when I realized how badly I procrastinate. I knew it only came with a small ink cartridge to encourage people to buy more, and intended to do just that getting the extra long yielding cartridges. Did I? No, no I did not. So now I am faced with no ink and having a teenager that needs to catch up on homework over the weekend for which she needs the printer!

So, what I have learned from today is that I have to take the small successes and try to improve on where I fall down. Running out of ink wasn't where I fell. Purchasing the ink when I could afford it and fully intended to was where I fell down.

Though the day is not complete, I am about to tackle dinner and am looking forward to enjoying a meal with the kids. I think I'll let someone else make the extra trip to the kitchen tonight.

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