Friday, March 14, 2014

Day Fourteen - Small Blessings

Well, here I am on Day Fourteen and I am a little disappointed with my standing as of today. This was a day that started of slowly with achy joints and muscles and a headache. A slow start physically meant a slow start mentally. It also meant getting very little real work done for the day. I did manage to fit in some errands and getting groceries. Even that wasn't as satisfying as it should have been because I did very little couponing. 

By dinner time I had run out of day, but still had plenty of items on my intended task list to complete. Arguing with my teenage daughter and trying to get my suddenly rebellious five year old boy to "chill out" where challenges that all met with my losing. The final straw of my day was when I was running around trying to do five hundred things as usual and tripped slamming my hand into a hard door jam. My first instinct from the pain I was feeling and from the feeling that it just was all wrong, was to run for ice and remove my ring on that hand before it got stuck there. I refused to even look at the hand because I was terrified that I would find it a total mess. Instead I threw a frozen bag of chopped green pepper on it and looked away. Tears came, part from pain and part from the panic that if it was broken I would find myself in a huge mess being unable to write or bring in an income. 

After some time I finally looked. Swollen, some shade of blue and a little odd. Painful to bend, but pretty sure not broken. Most importantly, though painful, I can move it to type. Small blessings. 

So, in closing for the day, I'm exhausted and feeling a little beat up by the day. However, I am ready to take on tomorrow. Until then, I hope anyone reading has a great night. 

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